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Dr. Lora Morgan

Dr. Lora Morgan, a graduate of the University of Georgia, is Jackson Veterinary Clinic’s associate veterinarian, and has been with the clinic for sixteen years. She is usually a large animal vet, and has established a reputable business taking care of Jackson’s bigger furry friends, such as horses and livestock. However, she gets to play with the puppies and kittens on Wednesdays and every other Saturday with the staff at JVC. Dr. Morgan, like Dr. Burdette, has worked in a veterinary clinic, including JVC, since before she became a doctor. From childhood, all she wanted was to be a “horse doctor”, and after working in the kennel and learning the ins and outs of grooming, she took her experiences and headed off to college. Coming home afterward to her small town clinic to become the type of vet that she had always dreamed of, where her enthusiasm for animals shows in her handlings of patients and pet owners.