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Dental Care

Here at Jackson Veterinary Clinic, we take your pet’s oral health seriously. We provide dental scaling, which is a process that removes tartar buildup, preventing further complications of the mouth. Occasionally, removal of teeth is required, either in the case of an infection or compaction of adult and baby teeth. After the dental cleaning is done we help to prevent future problems by coating the teeth with OraVet, which is an anti-tarter gel. This is also available for you to do at home.

Your pet’s teeth will be examined by the Doctor when you come in for their annual exam. At that time, he will advise you as he sees fit. If you have any questions, at this time or any other, please feel free to ask the Doctor or one of the technicians. Taking care of your pet’s teeth now, will save the both of you trouble in the long run.

If you would like a printable copy of our anesthesia permission form to fill out and bring in at the time of your appointment click here. If you do not bring one in then you will be asked to fill one out at our office.
For dental chews and other ideas for dental care, try: DentaSTIX