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Through the clinic and out the back door, we have our cozy little Bed & Kibble. Your pet is welcome to come and enjoy private kennels where they can bring their own beds or enjoy one of ours. We supply breakfast, lunch, and dinner, if mom and dad allow it, or you can send your babies favorite food with them. We have an exercise yard where they can run and play several times a day.

We do not allow pick up after hours, but the babies do get refreshments and play time on weekends and holidays, as well as visits by the doctor.

At Jackson Bed & Kibble, we enjoy visitors for all lengths of time. We even have a spa selection that you can get while here. For more information check out our grooming page.

Need ideas on how to get rid of that smell or germs around your babies kennel try: or WalMart Pet Supplies

We hope to see you soon.