Our Team

Our caring and compassionate veterinary care team!

When you take into consideration that most of our employees spend more time here at the clinic than they actually do at home, it is no wonder that we have all become a family. Not only do we have a great relationship with each other at work but we can often be found outside of work doing all kinds of things together. It doesn’t get much better than loving your job and loving the people that you work with. We are currently accepting applications. Call, email, or drop by for more information.


  • team-2

    Dr. Alan Burdette

    Dr. Alan Burdette, a graduate of the University of Georgia, has been helping the community…
  • team-1

    Dr. Lora Morgan

    Dr. Lora Morgan, a graduate of the University of Georgia, is Jackson Veterinary Clinic's…

    Office Manager

  • team-3

    Lisa Chambers

    Has worked for Dr. Burdette for twenty years now. She says she has stayed so long because…


  • team-4

    Christina Wagstaff

    Is surely our life timer. She has only been here nine years now, but she has grown on us…


  • team-6

    Amber Stanton

    Is one of a kind. She has been working as a Technician for the last six years and is very…
  • team-5

    Chris Byrne

    Has been with Jackson Vet for eight years now. Starting out as a kennel worker, she has…
  • christian.

    Christian Bell

  • lauren

    Lauren Gaddy

    Working diligently to become a veterinarian in the near future.…


  • team-7

    Sharon Folds

    We tried to get rid of her once but she's back. And she is better than ever. She has been…