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8/29/14:ALS Challenge
The Jackson Vet crew has done the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Check out the video on our Facebook page.

8/15/14:Bookaholics Meeting
Our next bookclub meeting is tentatively 9/5/14. Seeing as how our bookclub president could go into labor at any time this could change. Watch our Facebook page for news.

8/8/14:Photo Contest
Just reminding everyone to sign up for our photo contest to win free flea medication for your baby.

8/1/14:Bookclub Changes
The JVC bookclub has undergone some changes recently. For more info please check out our Facebook page.

Thank you to everyone who voted for us!!!


Trifexis in the News

The media with their huge appetite for sensationalism and highly emotional pet owners that have lost pets have come together to condemn Trifexis. I would like to present a series of objective facts supporting why I believe Trifexis to be a very good drug and a very beneficial tool in the overall fight against our pets suffering due to fleas and heartworms.
-As far as WSB Channel 2 Atlanta and the news media in general goes the fact is sensationalism sells advertisement and many times objectivity is lost in this process. On the other hand as veterinarians we have several products that can replace Trifexis so therefore we have no economic pressure to sell Trifexis. We thrive on keeping dogs healthier longer and if there is any scientific evidence a drug is dangerous believe me we will drop it like a hot potato.
-As I search Veterinary Information Network, an internet idea exchange forum subscribed to by thousands of practicing veterinarians, the two primary problems reported with Trifexis are that dogs don't eat the chewable tablets well and dogs occasionally vomit after dosing. No mention of any deaths suspected of being related to Trifexis.
-There is no one from veterinary teaching hospitals blaming Trifexis for any deaths. This includes dozens of veterinarians specializing in parasites (heartworms and fleas), medicine (the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of all diseases), toxicology (agents including drugs that poison animals) and pathology (experts in disease processes and causes of death).
-Trifexis is a combination of two drugs. Both drugs have been on the market as separate, single agent products longer than Trifexis and not even WSB Channel 2 has incriminated either of these products.
-Millions of doses of Trifexis as well as other flea control and heartworm preventative products are given every month. The law of averages say some dog somewhere is going to die for some reason within a few days of getting one of these products.
-Just think of the billions of flea bites that occur daily then add the allergy component that all combine to make many dogs miserable. Heartworms are still pose a huge risk for unprotected animals, especially in our area. While we do have other products that do what Trifexis does we do not need to lose one of our tools for fighting the flea and the heartworm unless there is solid evidence of a problem.

Our Goal Is To Make Your Pet Happy

Living in a small community is almost like stepping backwards in time to the good ol' days. The days where the old men gathered at the barber shop to gossip, or would that be to "catch up on town news"? The women gather at the beauty parlor to get their weekly style and chat, and of course they were not ashamed of discussing the juicier news of the town.

Jackson is one of those small communities that age slowly. Everyone knows what goes on in this town. They know that when you need a prescription filled you head over to the Jackson Drugs or City Pharmacy, and pick up a soda or a greeting card while you're there. If you need a nice suit for your daughter's wedding, you go to Deraney's. If you need your hair cut or colored, you head out to Rita's and catch up with long time friends. The football field is also the only place to be on a Friday night, and of course Jackson Veterinary Clinic is the place you go when your beloved pets are sick or in need of shots.

Located on Second Street, three doors down from the Post Office, the small, slightly aged, building of Jackson Veterinary Clinic can be found. Surrounded by plants and flowers that are strenuously babied to provide a comforting, country feel to this small town vet.

Here at Jackson Veterinary Clinic your pet's health and comfort is our number one concern. We pride ourselves on being a small, hometown clinic with a family-like atmosphere. Our well trained staff will help you in any way possible, whether it is just making an appointment or getting advice on what is best for your babies. We understand that your pets are a part of your family and we feel they should be treated that way. So come on by, meet our staff, and join our family.

369 East Second Street

Jackson, Georgia 30233


Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday: 7:00am-6:00pm

Saturday: 7:30am-1:00pm

We do emergency and after-hours calls. Listen for prompts on our voice-mail.

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Upload pictures of your babies. Request appointments.
Check on vet records. Refill prescriptions.
There is even an app for your Pet Profile.
Call or email for more information.

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  • Our Discounts page now has information on financing and pet health insurance.
  • Our Info page now includes a section for Important Information. This includes phone numbers for animal control, shelters, emergencies, and anything else you may need.

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